Agapanthas and puka leaf

Today in Mr Rileys awesome as science class we looked at agapanthus and puka leaves through microscopes. Our goal was too explain the structure of leaves. Through the microscope we were trying to look at a cross section in the leave too find the different cell layers, the cross layer, the epidermis, the palisade layer (where photosynthesis goes on) the spongy layer and the contracting and expanding Guard cells or toma which control the entry of c02 and exit of gases such as O2 and H2O.

Here were some questions we were asked afterwards about the plants.

What is a stoma? The stoma is the tiny hole to allow gases in and out the leaf.

What does the word stomata mean? The plural of stomata.

Why does a plant need a stomata? To exchange gases and allow photosynthesis to happen.

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