Speed gentlemen.

today in 10ch we traveled outside to a ‘very aweeesome’ day, to measure how fast it takes to walk,  jog and sprint 100 metres but due to NOTTY and the preps we were restricted to the 50m  lower courts, but that didn’t holt mr quade dearman posting a very satisfying 6 sec sprint. not bad for a man like himself.  Hausia got 13 secs jogging his heart out and minh cruised to a steady 31 secs walking. with this data we then created a solid graph with the results, all of the graphs looked top notch 😉 .  another very satisfying day for 10ch. TAHUNA PLAYING FEILDS 10AM SHARP. watch nelson college take on waimea in the under15 rugby final. be there or be square. also good luck to the under 16sd. churr

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