DIssecting FISH

FISRT WE CUT OFF A SMALL BIT OF THE GILL we are having a bit of trouble getting the gill cover off but in the end brad a-n got the gill cover off ….. brad is a little exited and just mince up the gills 🙂 ben o is running round bragging how quick we are doing it he is exiced and is now squeezzing oput the eye ball by putting his finger inside and pushing it inside out but brad is getting the tweezers and benn running around again sam just came and had a look now he is staring over my shoulder ben is holding it up now going owoowowowowo  he wonts to have a look at the brain brb just wona have a look at the eyr.


its brad hey guys this stuff is yuck as it smells like fish and i dont like the smell of fish me and ben just got the eye out eww haha now were cgopping into his brain its pretty weird stuf eh like wholey moley,we think we found the brain mr rileys just checking . it was th3e brain he said .. he asked tom if he got the lense out.. he did said it was the brain

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