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big explosion :)

we are trying to make a big explosion in the lab.we  are using hydrogen gas in the lab today. we are now getting foil paper and putting it in a big test tube. we are blowing up a balloon. we are going over to the lab to test it. the explosion was huge when we put the flame by the balloon it blow up with a huge fire ball

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Rutherford Group

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Year 13

Acid race!

Make it faster

Rockets with 9RI


To find the effect of the amount of vinegar on the Distance it travles.


We predict that  the rocket will travel further with more vinegar.


Independent variable: amount of vinager.

Dependent variable: Distance in Meters

Control Variable: Same launcher angle.


1.Get Canister

2.Put baking soda paste in lid

3.Fill bottom of cannister with vinegar(how much you decided)

4.Put lid on.

5.Put upsidedown in launcher.

6.Record the results.


Method=1 mix water and baking soda.

2 Put the baking soda in the cap.

3 Add vinegar-1-2 line of the little bottle.

4 Fire the rocket into the air.

5 Measure how far the rocket shot.

6 Do it again it again with more vinegar.


yellow or blue flame?

aim=To find out whether the yellow or blue flame is hotter.

hypothesis=The blue flame will be hotter as it is more concentrated.


1Set up bunsen burner.

2Put flame on yellow

3See long it takes for the water to boil.

4Do the same with the blue flame.

5Look at the data and compare the results.