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Today we are learning about orbit and how it is formed  surstaned .we have

to write the defonitions of space turms .  And we must draw a diagram of a

orbit . And last is write a paragraph  on orbit and a diagram with a model of orbit


Today we are learning how planet, meteors, comets, satellites and moons form and maintain their orbits.

Orbits are formed by a mass (like a planet or a star) having a strong enough gravity. The gravity of this mass may pull other objects towards it and then those objects may get trapped in the pull of the gravity. An example of this is the 9 planets in our solar system orbiting around the sun.

A satellite is a spacecraft, moon or planet that moves in an orbit around a planet.

An asteroid is a large rock mass that is mainly found between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter.

A meteor is a peice of rock or metal that move through space.

A meteorite is a meteor that has landed on Earth.

A comet is an object that moves across the sky that has a bright tail of light. They are usually made of rock and ice and go far away and even out of our solar system.

A moon is a large mass that is smaller than a plant that orbits a planet.

A planet is a large body/mass of solid, liquid or gas that orbits a star.

An orbit is the circular path taken by an object as it moves around something.

Decide where in the solar system might be suitable to live

dont want to live on this


We are going to: Write a paragraph that explains why our chosen places is good to live. We are starting to chose a planet in the solar system that we could live on. By a graph that tells us the main state,how close it is to the sun,the diameter,the orbit period days,the mean temp,an the moons of the planets.

the solar system

explaining the conditions needed for LIFE

We need to: Write a list of 10 conditions needed for life to exist. And write a paragraph that explains why venus is not suitable for life. We just finished our starters and we are about to go it to space.

Team Light Exam

Today in science we did the light exam in our teams. The exam consisted of questions about everything we have studied this term including lenses, mirrors, prisms, spectrum’s and refraction. The exam was relativley easy and working in teams made it quick and painless. I reckon our team did very well and we are confident we will achieve excellence.

Tim Gastrell

light mazes

for the past few weeks 9pe have been learning about refaction ,fiber-optic cable and much more.After that we got to build a light mazes and cameras the best part was disceting a sheep eye and we got to see the lense and a funny black ink filled out which was pretty funny and enteresting  because i always want to know what was inside the eye .

building our maze’s

today in clasand next few days we will be building our mazes,these will be our light maze wher we will bend the light around the corners of the maze and at the end of both exits will be a cardboard camera and an eye.

aim: to build a maze with mirrors in it and be able to bend the beams af light around corners in a camer and an eye.

Fiberoptic cables


Colour depends on wavelength.

the distance between two neighbouring crests is called wavelength.  

Waves with shorter wavelength carry more energy waves with longer wavelength.

Red Green and blue are called the primary colours lights. the primary colours cannot be made by mixing other coloured lights. 

mixing together red green, and blue light of equal intensity gives white light. 


Today in class we will understand what colour is ,why do things appear coloured and what is white light.

things appear coloured because the white light reflects the colour giving it a greater intencity.

if you have a blue dest for example its blue because the light reflects off it