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Dissecting Dogfish

Dissecting a dogfish. We took the baby’s out of the shark. We saw it’s guts and eggs. ūüôā

think of ways for people to live on mars

1.intro/we are travelling moon.

2.we will send a robot which can determine the perfect place to live

who will go trained builders who can work in space

3.what  will  you do

we will travel to the moon so we can stay close to earth for resources.

we will live in a base which will look like bunches of space ships that are joined

4.where will you go

we will travel to the moon

5.when will you go?

our mission begins in 2061 and we will only return if something really bad happens on the moon. will go

our spaceship is the zeus 5 and super fast



We finished the space test early! We had to try and remember what we have leaned over this unit. There were many questions, some were hard, but most were easy.


Large bodies that orbit the sun- Planets

Satellites of a planet-Moons

Speed of light




Love from Blayr, Dan and Sam xoxo <3

Test today :(

bling timers up time to boggy

we are working very hard it is quite noisy tho so we are just keeping pur head in the books btw our4 group is cool procterpuss we deserve a point for this.

starter answers are up time to copy.

our team is coming up 3rd

lets get started on our test

test answers

  • Q1
  • Q2 grasses.
  • Q2c.¬†In ecology,¬†predation¬†describes a biological interaction where a¬†predator¬†(an organism that is hunting) feeds on its prey
  • Q2c2.Competition¬†is a contest between individual
  • Q3b in the bush
  • Q3c whiskers,senses body parts,how it helps the kiwi servive
  • lions predaters

Solar Eclipses!

Today we are learning about solar eclipses like the one happening tonight at 7:30 25/11/11. A solar eclipse is when the moon crosses the suns rays causing it to get dark. A lunar eclipse is when the suns rays hit the earth, pass around it and hit the moon which gives it a red colour.

Stars and Galaxies.

We are learning to explain what stars and galaxies are .

1)The sun is 150 million km from the earth.

2)The sun is about 1.6 billion years old.

3)The sun spins around once every 27.4 days.

4)The surface of the sun is called photo-sphere.

5)The core of the sun is made of a gas called helium.

6)Sun spots are cooler areas which look like dark blotches

7)Around the sun is a layer of gas which is called the chromo-sphere

8)plumes of hot gas called prominences shoot thousands of kilometers.

9)the sun is fer to bright for our eyes. never look directly at it, even when wearing sunglasses


A star is giant glowing ball of gas. Stars a powered by nuclear reaction.

DIssecting FISH

FISRT WE CUT OFF A SMALL BIT OF THE GILL we are having a bit of trouble getting the gill cover off but in the end brad a-n got the gill cover off ….. brad is a little exited and just mince up the gills ūüôā ben o is running round bragging how quick we are doing it he is exiced and is now squeezzing oput the eye ball by putting his finger inside and pushing it inside out but brad is getting the tweezers and benn running around again sam just came and had a look now he is staring over my shoulder ben is holding it up now going owoowowowowo ¬†he wonts to have a look at the brain brb just wona have a look at the eyr.


its brad hey guys this stuff is yuck as it smells like fish and i dont like the smell of fish me and ben just got the eye out eww haha now were cgopping into his brain its pretty weird stuf eh like wholey moley,we think we found the brain mr rileys just checking . it was th3e brain he said .. he asked tom if he got the lense out.. he did said it was the brain

Space: Seasons/Day&Night

We are learning why we have seasons and day and night. It is so cool!

on earth 1 day is 24 hours long

on Jupiter is 9 hours and 55 minuets

1 day is the time taken for the planet to rotate a full 360* on its axis.

Night time is when that part of the planet is in shadow (out of the sun’s light).

Day time is when that part of the planet is in the path of the sun’s light rays.

The length of the days and nights depends on the seasons.

There are different seasons because of how the earth is on a slight tilt of 23.5*. Winter will be cold and short days, and summer will be long and warm days.z