Monthly Archives: August 2011

Ripple Tank

We used a ripple tank to make ripples. We measured the frequency with the handheld strobe. We measured the wavelength. Then calculated speed.


We dissolved eggshells using acid, to make rubbery eggs with just the cell membrane. One squirtedd water everywhere.

Microscopes!!! Bacteria, Algae, Plant cells, Cheek cells, Fungi

We observed a whole lot of stuff under the microscope. We have been making slides and covering them with a cover slip. We looked at onion cells with iodine stain. Then scraped cheek cells with a toothpick and used methylene blue slide. We looked algae from pondwater. We looked at cheese mould. We looked at yeast and yogurt bacteria.

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making Yogurt!!

We made yogurt from milk and bacteria.

Agar Plates!

We made agar plates.