Monthly Archives: June 2011

SAS killing microbes using flax and honey

We used honey, flax, to see if we can kill bacteria. We compared it to dettol, domestos and chlorhexidiine disinfectants.

We made the agar and poured it into the plates. It cooled and we spread on the bacteria. Then we put on 1cm square bits of paper soaked in the different chemicals.

Chemical Reactions

We heated Magnesium and Copper. We reacted zinc with acid.

Convection Currents

We used the smoke box, the fish tank with hot and cold, and paper dots in a beaker to see convection currents.


We heated test tubes which were white, silver and black to see which heated up the fastest. Then we turned on the infra-red light.

Really awesome homework what to do

This is how to do your homework says Mr Riley

step 1 = HaveĀ  a go!!! Do what you can = Achieve, A

step 2 = Mark it using the answers = Merit M

step 3 = Fix up any mistakes in differnet colour pen, fill in any gaps, malke a comment about what you thought, was it hard, what you could do better

Termite guts!

We squashed termites and looked at their guts under the microscopes to see the bacteria


Movement of heat energy in liquids and gases.Magma in the earths mantle.


Today we are doing two experements. The first one we do we are finding out wich metal conducts heat the fastest out of Brass, Copper, Iron and Aluminiumby putting candle wax on the end of each metal and holdin the middle over the bunsen burner. The second experement we are doing is seeing wich group is able to boil water over a bunsen burner in a paper cup they have made. we found that Aluminium was the first to melt the wax, Conduction is when heat energy moves through a conductor.

Hot Air Balloons!

We made hot air balloons from tissue apper. Some caUGHT FIRE!! They did not go as high as we wanted.