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Acid Concentration Investigation!

We are making solutions with different concnetrations. Then we drop in 1cm of Magnesium metal. It fizzes and makes hydrogen bubbles. We time how long it takes to dissolve. We want to find out the effect of the acid concentration on how fast the mg dissolves.


Solvent + Solute = Solution


How many particles in a volume.

Formula  C= m v

Concentration = mass devided by volume

Grams per litre




Rainbow in a glass.

The most concentrated solution was the blue solution.

It has the most sugar dissolved in the 45ml volume of water. So it is the densest and sinks to the bottom.

The least concentrated solution was 4g sugar. It has the least sugar particles dissolved in the 45ml of water. so it is the least dense and floats to the top

Expanding and Contracting

We did experiments about expanding and contracting. We poured hot water over a balloon. We used the ball and ring, the bimetallic strip, and made a thermometer. Then we wrote a paragraph to explain what we saw.

Prep Science Camp – Easter 2011


today we used  a syringe and we try putting water it it and conpressing it then we just used air and a marble we couldnt compress the water we couldnt compress and marble but we could compress the air then we did a mind map of what liquid,solid,gas .