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Comparing complete and Incomplete Combustion

Complete Combustion

The flame is blue and very hot alot hotter than yellow flame also blue flame makes no soot

The products are Carbon Dioxide and water

Some examples  are in planes with jet engines also in the workshop with the blow toches.

The chemical equation is:                                                                                                Fuel+Oxygen=Carbon Dioxide+Water

Incomeplete Combustion

The flame is yellow and not very hot and makes alot of soot

The products are smoke and water

There is also some CO made which is Carbon Monoxide, it is very poisenous and it can kill you.

Some examples are when we use the bunsen burner in class also cars use incomplete combustion.

The chemical equuations are:

Fuel+Oxygen=C+H2O                                                                                                                  Fuel+Oxygen=CO+H2O

Incomplete combustion happens when O2 is in short supply. to prevent incomplete combustion we good ventilation (lots of O2)