Monthly Archives: March 2011

Distilling Coal

We heated coal in a test tube. gas came out and it smelled bad! We lit the methane gas on fire.

seperating mixtures

1.seperate solids) magnet, dissolve one, gravity,flotation,sorting,sieve

2.seperate soloution)distil, evaporate,density

3.suspension)=solid settles to bottom

filter)tiny holes let small particles pass but stops big particles from passing through. Decant)Centrifuge) we have to seperate iron filings,sand and salt

method 1)put the mixture in the evaporate dish and put the magnet over it and that will pick up the iron.

then make it into a liquid

Fermenting to make wine, Distilling to make alcohol.

We made wine by fermenting glucose, to make CO2 and Ethanol. We used yeast. The next day we distilled the wine to make pure alcohol, which we dripped out and set on fire.

Copper Sulfate Crystals

We dissolved Copper Sulfate in 50ml water, then boiled it to dissolve more. Then we tied a crystal on a string, and put it in the solution to make a bigger crystal.

Dry Ice = solid carbon dioxide!

We used dry ice today. It was awesome.

Glowing Splint test for Oxygen

We made oxygen from hydrogen peroxide bleach. We lit a splint and blew out the flame. In oxygen it caught fire again!

Copper Chloride Electrolysis

We split up a compound, copper chloride, using electricity. This is called electrolysis. We made stinky, poisonous chlorine gas bubble. And red-brown copper stuck the the carbon electrode.

Making models of compounds

We make models of compounds using balls and write formula for them.

Iron and Sulfur

Stinky sulphur, magnetic iron and rotton egg hydrogen sulfide. Awesome!