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Today 10CH got trucking about volcanoes. First we watched a youtube clip about the ruapehu eruption. Finn got prety excited about his brand new felts 🙂 .We learnt about how volcanoes happen and why they happen, also about the three different types of volcanoes. It was a pretty monster mind map today! We watched some more vids of destruction. We then all got our heads down in our work books Cough Cough…

Bacteria and Microscopes

Today we were learning to use microscopes, and futhered our understanding of both bacteria and microscopes by looking at different things (such as yoghurt and pondwater). We found out that microscopes can magnify things by up to x400 by using the focusing knobs. whoa!

Igneous rocks

WOW!!! what can i say… Daniel Grimes team was shocking it was all burnt, i’d have too say keller marriot’s group was outstanding! ad there’s was the absoulte best!!


Today in Science we learnt about bacteria. We started off with making a mind map about what bacteria needs to grow , then did some graphing to show how fast  it reproduces.  The amount of bacteria doubled every 20 minutes, from this we found that in 8 hours and 20 minutes 16,776,896 bacteria can grow from just one.

microscopes!!!!! :)

Today we have been looking at yoghurt+blue dye.  Our own hair and pond water. we found lots of little bugs in our pound water there was one really cool slug the pound water.

finn is the man

Edible Rocks Gentlemen

Today in science were learning about another exciting geology fact ‘edible rocks’ . Are mindmap question is what are ‘ Igneous rocks? we found that it is motlen magma released from volcanoes that cools fats and can create small crystals although when stuck underneath in the ground it cools slowly but makes big crystals. Then Mr. riley kindly brought some igneous rocks for everyone to get a close look and feel.

Pumice- cools fast, large air holes.

Obsident- cools fast, tiny crystals.

basalt- cools fast.

Granite- cools slow.

This is what we found out about these different rocks. Know were going to be doing an experiment on making igneous rocks by a recipe provided by Mr. riley.

the hokey pokey was most successful and delicious but the fudge didnt harden enough but it still tasted great. It was really fun.


Today we learnt about earthquakes. An earthquake is a sudden movement of tectonic plates which causes a shockwave in the earths crust. This happens at a fault line, a fault line is a break in the crust where the earthquake happens.

We learnt that earthquakes are detected by seismographs. On the seismographs it shows two waves, the primary wave and the secondary wave. We detect how far away the earthquake is by the distance between the waves.

We also learnt about the richter scale which is measured from zero to nine. Each step on the richter scale is twenty seven more times powerful than the last.


We have been making cheese and yoghurt during science today. We made yoghurt with milk and certain bacteria that make a chemical reaction happen. ♣♥♦Tommorow it should be ready to eat.