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The Gondwana Challenge

Gondwana land was a HUGE contienent made up of Africa, India, Australia, Antarctica, South America and New Zealand. Over time the Tectonic Plates moved these countries/continients apart and made them into 6 differnt places. Bahrat™.  The Gentlemen are now making the contineint by cutting out the countries and sticking them together to make Gondwana land Maru


Mataki with Quade’o & Seany

camp… well what can we say.

rain, snow, wet flys, wet bags, wet sleepingbags, wet clothes, and wet boys. We turned up to Matak’s so layed back and full of energy thinking we were spending the first night in the lodge.. but NO  mr Billclif  turned up and made us sleep out side in the mighty bush >.< Sean and I found a way 2 entertain ourselfs while the rest of the camp tried 2 lay back and hit the hay 😛 every night but the last we were made 2 cook our own food which didn’t turn out to well for our group because we left our burner back at base. One morning Cormac and Quade  were so hungry that they ate pree cooked sausages, YUMMY. harrison and Ozzie realy did miss out.. lol jk :D, rating of camp 11/10 “cough, cough”


Today in year 11 chenestry we are learning about polymers which are a hydrocarbonate strung together to make long chains of hydrocarbons. For our practical experiment we made three diferent types of polymer these were a bouncy ball snot slime and one other that didn’t work mr riley was aided by three volunteers will, zen and simon

****Features That Make A Car Safer.****

Today we learnt about the things that make cars safer. Our mindmap was about the safety features of a smart car. 1) The steel frame acts like a nut protecting the occupants. 2) The smart car is equipped with both front and side aira bags. 3) It has a very strong windscreen made out of laminated plastic. 4) The smart car also has a crumple zone to reduce the impact of a front on collision. It has pre tension seatbelts a steering wheel that pulls in and side impact beams.

Speed Detectors

Today in science Senior constable Alfred Blair has come in to talk to us about measuring speed with the radar. were going to go out to the field to measure some speed of cars going along the road. The radars work using reflection and travel up to 1km.

artificial agriculture

by E=mc2

We are growing grass seeds in different artificial soils. We are using water (control), cotton wool, sand, vermiculite, soil and paper towels. We will measure the amount of germanated seeds in each cup as we have six cups for each kind of soil. So far in first equal we have vermiculite and water and in last place soil. We give them 10 mls of water every monday and friday.setup layoutsetup

The Dreeeam Team

The Dream Team are trying to find out what has the biggest effect on the groups sleep patterns. They have been documenting their sleep for a week. They have a app on their iPods so they put their  iPods under their pillow to measure thier sleep patterns.