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space bases

today we are putting the finishing touches on our space bases,they all look great but some look better than others.we have been painting,glueing cutting,sticking and now they are almost done.some of the features are crawl threw tunnels,trees making oxygen,science buggys,space crafts,guns,run way,skid pad,radio transmitter to communicate with earth,emergency oxygen bottles,and aliens.

Go Kieran and Nick!






explaing how machines work make work easier,seeinng who the strongest in the class,we have sam,james and daniel grimes doing the machines work is with force and distance.most machines have lever’s and most machines have pumps and pulley’s . if you use a crow bar to lift a rock instead of your self its less force and more distance ūüôā

Machines. (Quade and Fui Fui)

What does it do? Machines makes work easier.

How does it work? W = Fd (Work = Force x Distance).

The boys on duty are doing a biceps challenge to find the force exerted by the bicep muslces.

‘Student – Cormac(1), Reece(2), Quade(3).

Mass Lifted (kg) – (1)15, (2)10,(3)15.

Weight F1  N Р(1)150,(2)100,(3)150.

Palm to elbow D1 cm – (1)41,(2)32,(3)31.

Elbow to Biceps D2 cm – (1)10,(2)9,(3)9.

Force of biceps muscle Fbiceps=(f1xD2)/D2 – (1)615N,(2)355N,(3)387N.

Everyone is trucking through the day!

WORK 10bw

we are learning how to explain  what work is. the formula of work is w=fd.

burning off a lolipop

aim: to calculate the amount of work people have to do to equal the energy in one lolipop ( 8250000 )

the hatch goes boom


Space Slideshows 9RI

Today in Science, we presented our slideshows about ‘How to Live in Space’ to the class. We had 3 minutes to present it.¬†¬†We made these powerpoints over the time of about a week and a half, we got information off the internet and the schools science books. The Slideshows contents were about how to get basic needs, oxygen, how to get there and how to get gravity there.

Most people planned to live on Mars because it is most similar to Earth. The¬†MAGIC FINGERS¬†group thought they could overcome gravity by using centrifuge. The MJCR’s planned to make an indoor farm.


space test

Today 9bk had a space test. We had questions like does the moon circle the earth every month and which plant  has the shortest day. Afterwards we planned our space base on cardbord.

Work = Force x distance. 10CH do some work!!

bruummm!!!!! the trucking class of 10ch has raced into another interesting sceince lesson at full pace.  Were learning about how force moves objects over a distance this is called work. Soon students on duty are just about to start an experiment. they have to pump some iron by burning off a lollipop, excellentay! Amazing it takes 66000 lifts of a 12.5 newton weight to burn off a single lollipop. We completed our table and have moved on to questions in our work book about friction facts.

Magic Bean Investigation (cont)


More on the magic beans. Today the experiment is on. We are rolling our beans down the ramp and timing them. Overall results are as follows:

                                               Time to travel .95 metres (seconds)

variable:size of bean  /  trial 1  /  trial 2  /  trial 3 /  average time  /

Small                                 /      3       /     2.9    /     3.3    /         3.07            /

Medium                           /     4.1     /     3.4    /      4       /         4.0               /

Big                                     /     4.9     /     5.1   /        5       /         5.0               / 

Doing the magic bean investigation

  • ¬†Today 10CH was making our magic beans and roling then down our ramps to complete our investigation. We made our beans out of paper and put ¬†marbles inside. We were seeing if more marbles would make it go faster or making it bigger go faster. We had to keep the slope of the ramp the same or the same¬†number of marbles or make it bigger. The more marbles won.