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ticker timers

today we learnt about ticker timers. the made a buzz and put dots down the tape that we fed through. we attatched the tape to a small cart and rolled it down a plank, we also  attatched the tape to a weight and dropped it onto the floor. we measured the distance between each five dots along the tape and recorded it into our books. after we had done that we put the information onto a graph.

keeping apples freesh

We are testing what keeps apples the freshest. So far we have tried ascrobic acid, citric acid, glucose & water.  We have ranked them from 1st being the best and 4th the worst 1st: ascrobic acid 2nd: citric acid 3rd: glucose and 4th: water. We will be trying blackcurrent powder next.

Science Fair

Today in Science we started doing our Science Fair experiments. JAH MON!!! Experiments included:


How much cow excrament does it take to pollute a river?


How loud is a Vuvuezeuala?


Peace Mon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

speed and time

today 10ch is learning about speed and time we started with a mind map. Then we watched people test the speed of their reactions while sober then after a can/bottle of alcohol. Shortly afrter that we watched a car travel 55 seconds and recorded how many meters per second that it had travelled

Stopping distance

Today we’re going to find the effect of bicycle speed on stopping distance.


Todays TRUCKING lesson is about stopping distance

some of the major distarctions are:


most of these can slow the  cars reaction speed:



Now we are testing our reaction speed







now we are all teasting our reaction speed with the rulers

what a trucking lesson today



Speed: Distance divided by Time.

The units are for metres per second =

MS-1,         M/S.

Fwaus stands for

F: Formula




S:Sig Figs.

Today we learnt about how we measure how fast we can go per second. Even though its like mathes all over again, its actually pretty fun!!!!!


Today in the quality lab 3 we are studying speed. Mr Riley has just invented a new word called FWAUS. This stands for Formula,Working, Answer,Unit,Sig and Fig. WOWZER!!!!! The workbooks have just been unveiled. 21.17 is the instruction this ones all about Distance. Finn is using this prime oppurtunity to catch up on last weeks homework.  🙂   Another great day in Science….as usual.

By Oliver

Speed gentlemen.

today in 10ch we traveled outside to a ‘very aweeesome’ day, to measure how fast it takes to walk,  jog and sprint 100 metres but due to NOTTY and the preps we were restricted to the 50m  lower courts, but that didn’t holt mr quade dearman posting a very satisfying 6 sec sprint. not bad for a man like himself.  Hausia got 13 secs jogging his heart out and minh cruised to a steady 31 secs walking. with this data we then created a solid graph with the results, all of the graphs looked top notch 😉 .  another very satisfying day for 10ch. TAHUNA PLAYING FEILDS 10AM SHARP. watch nelson college take on waimea in the under15 rugby final. be there or be square. also good luck to the under 16sd. churr