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Ripple Tank

We used a ripple tank to make ripples. We measured the frequency with the handheld strobe. We measured the wavelength. Then calculated speed.

SAS killing microbes using flax and honey

We used honey, flax, to see if we can kill bacteria. We compared it to dettol, domestos and chlorhexidiine disinfectants.

We made the agar and poured it into the plates. It cooled and we spread on the bacteria. Then we put on 1cm square bits of paper soaked in the different chemicals.


Today in year 11 chenestry we are learning about polymers which are a hydrocarbonate strung together to make long chains of hydrocarbons. For our practical experiment we made three diferent types of polymer these were a bouncy ball snot slime and one other that didn’t work mr riley was aided by three volunteers will, zen and simon