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Bridge Building


Today we looked at the flower of the fuchsia plant and the different parts of the flower such as the reproduction parts like the stigma and the stamen. After that we looked at how the flower reproduces and what pollinates the flower, eg. wind, insects etc.

Potato plastic

We crushed potato in mortar and pestle, then washed out the starch and filtered it. We added some chemicals and boiled it to make potato plastic.


today we are learning about adaptation. We learnt features about camels like their hump is full of fat and they burn it to make H2O or they can last 18 days with 100 litres of water.

Bacteria and Microscopes

Today we were learning to use microscopes, and futhered our understanding of both bacteria and microscopes by looking at different things (such as yoghurt and pondwater). We found out that microscopes can magnify things by up to x400 by using the focusing knobs. whoa!


Today in Science we learnt about bacteria. We started off with making a mind map about what bacteria needs to grow , then did some graphing to show how fast  it reproduces.  The amount of bacteria doubled every 20 minutes, from this we found that in 8 hours and 20 minutes 16,776,896 bacteria can grow from just one.

microscopes!!!!! :)

Today we have been looking at yoghurt+blue dye.  Our own hair and pond water. we found lots of little bugs in our pound water there was one really cool slug the pound water.

finn is the man


We have been making cheese and yoghurt during science today. We made yoghurt with milk and certain bacteria that make a chemical reaction happen. ♣♥♦Tommorow it should be ready to eat.

space bases

today we are putting the finishing touches on our space bases,they all look great but some look better than others.we have been painting,glueing cutting,sticking and now they are almost done.some of the features are crawl threw tunnels,trees making oxygen,science buggys,space crafts,guns,run way,skid pad,radio transmitter to communicate with earth,emergency oxygen bottles,and aliens.

Go Kieran and Nick!