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Dissecting Barracouta


Dogfish dissection

We dissected dogfish.

Dogfish dissection

We dissected Dogfish, Squalus acanthius. Mr Riley got in big trouble for stinking out the school before prizegiving assembly!

Fish head dissection!!

Dissecting Bluenose fish heads!

Metamorphic Rocks

In Sci with Ri today we were studying metamorphic rocks and it really was a great day for it. There were many types of these rocks including slate,Shale,Schist and gneiss. Mr Riley struggled with the tounge twister of schist while some of the class prefering to call it otherwise ūüôā The boys are now completing a table about the names, distinctive features and how the rocks were formed. Finn and sean decuided to do the smell test to work out the name of the rock…..there sense of smell let them down on this occasion……


Today 10CH got trucking about volcanoes. First we watched¬†a youtube clip about the¬†ruapehu eruption. Finn got prety excited about his brand new felts ūüôā .We learnt about how volcanoes happen and why they happen, also about the three different types of volcanoes. It was a pretty monster¬†mind¬†map today!¬†We watched some more vids of destruction. We then all got our heads down in our work books Cough Cough…

Edible Rocks Gentlemen

Today in science were learning about another exciting geology fact ‘edible rocks’ . Are mindmap question is what are ‘¬†Igneous rocks? we found that it is motlen magma released from volcanoes that cools fats and can create small crystals although when stuck underneath in the ground it cools slowly but makes big crystals. Then¬†Mr. riley kindly brought some¬†igneous¬†rocks for everyone to get a close look and feel.

Pumice- cools fast, large air holes.

Obsident- cools fast, tiny crystals.

basalt- cools fast.

Granite- cools slow.

This is what we found out about these different rocks. Know were going to be doing an experiment on making igneous rocks by a recipe provided by Mr. riley.

the hokey pokey was most successful and delicious but the fudge didnt harden enough but it still tasted great. It was really fun.

Mataki with Quade’o & Seany

camp… well what can we say.

rain, snow, wet flys, wet bags, wet sleepingbags, wet clothes, and wet boys. We turned up to Matak’s so layed back and full of energy thinking we were spending the first night in the lodge.. but NO¬† mr Billclif¬† turned up and made us sleep out side in the mighty bush >.< Sean and I found a way 2 entertain ourselfs while the rest of the camp tried 2 lay back and hit the hay ūüėõ every night but the last we were made 2 cook our own food which didn’t turn out to well for our group because we left our burner back at base. One morning Cormac and Quade¬† were so hungry that they¬†ate pree cooked sausages, YUMMY. harrison and Ozzie realy did miss out.. lol jk :D, rating of camp 11/10¬†“cough, cough”

Speed Detectors

Today in science Senior constable Alfred Blair has come in to talk to us about measuring speed with the radar. were going to go out to the field to measure some speed of cars going along the road. The radars work using reflection and travel up to 1km.

Speed gentlemen.

today in 10ch we traveled outside to a ‘very aweeesome’ day, to measure how fast it takes to walk, ¬†jog and sprint 100 metres but due to NOTTY and the preps we were restricted to the 50m ¬†lower courts, but that didn’t holt mr quade dearman posting a very satisfying 6 sec sprint. not bad for a man like himself.¬† Hausia got 13 secs jogging his heart out and minh cruised to a steady 31 secs walking. with this data we then created a solid graph with the results, all of the graphs looked top notch ūüėČ .¬† another very satisfying day for 10ch. TAHUNA PLAYING FEILDS¬†10AM SHARP. watch nelson college take on waimea in the under15 rugby final. be there or be square. also good luck to the under 16sd.¬†churr