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We finished the space test early! We had to try and remember what we have leaned over this unit. There were many questions, some were hard, but most were easy.


Large bodies that orbit the sun- Planets

Satellites of a planet-Moons

Speed of light




Love from Blayr, Dan and Sam xoxo <3

Team Light Exam

Today in science we did the light exam in our teams. The exam consisted of questions about everything we have studied this term including lenses, mirrors, prisms, spectrum’s and refraction. The exam was relativley easy and working in teams made it quick and painless. I reckon our team did very well and we are confident we will achieve excellence.

Tim Gastrell

light mazes

for the past few weeks 9pe have been learning about refaction ,fiber-optic cable and much more.After that we got to build a light mazes and cameras the best part was disceting a sheep eye and we got to see the lense and a funny black ink filled out which was pretty funny and enteresting  because i always want to know what was inside the eye .

Dan and Blayr

Today we looked up close at leaves! There is a part of a leaf called a cuticle, It is waxy and keeps the leaf  damp. Then there is a part called the upper Epidermis, It is used for protection. After that there is a Palisade layer, this is where Photosyntheses happens. It is full of Chloroplasts which contains Chlorophyll. Then there is a spongy layer full of air gaps to let in Co2 + H20 and let out O2 + H20 out. Then Finally the Lower Epidermis that has tine holes called Stomata in the bottom.

Colour and Taste – science fair project

Zeus and Jamie are seeing of Colour affects the taste of a sweet drink

Why NOT to Shake a baby – Science Fair project – The effect of shaking on g force

We are shaking a baby to work out how much shaking can cause brain damage.

Convection Currents

We used the smoke box, the fish tank with hot and cold, and paper dots in a beaker to see convection currents.


We heated test tubes which were white, silver and black to see which heated up the fastest. Then we turned on the infra-red light.


Movement of heat energy in liquids and gases.Magma in the earths mantle.

Hot Air Balloons!

We made hot air balloons from tissue apper. Some caUGHT FIRE!! They did not go as high as we wanted.