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New Zealand’s Next Top Engineering Scientist Competition

The teams were waiting for me at 8.58am when I screeched up to school on my bike. Over the next 9 hours they worked on the problem:

The aim of Project Loon is to ensure everyone on the planet has access to the internet, by creating a balloon-powered network.  How many balloons would be required to provide balloon-powered internet coverage to all of New Zealand?


Measuring acceleration due to gravity, g

Make a tickertape by dropping an object attached to the tape. Use different sized objects. Divide the tape into sections of 5 dots. Compare two sections, one near the start and one near the end. Measure the distance travelled in this section, then divide by 0.1s to find the speed in this section. Work out the speed in the second section. Work out the change in speed, and divide it by the change in time between the two sections.